Monday, August 15, 2011

and now finally...

A time to travel abroad, a time to come home
A time to write the last Lan in Nam post and a time to start a new Joburg blog.

It is in fact now the time to (uhm) say goodbye.

So here with a few last fun filled things to say:

Firstly, if you're busy sobbing away at this post (because it's the last one and not because of the bad writing) then fear not, I have a just as useful new blog called Back in Jo(y)burg. So click it like it's hot:

Then, I do actually have something useful for you if you're thinking about working and living in Hanoi, this is of course if you don't find my other deeply insightful posts useful... but here with a link to my expat interview, it's about a saffa

living in Hanoi

Then lastly thanks to everyone who kept up with my adventures, thanks to those who stumbled on this page and decided to read it anyway, I have nothing to say to those who didn't. Thanks to Germany for reading, I mention Germany because more Germans seemed to follow than South Africans, so I think that's rather amusing. Thanks to Latvia for making and appearance on my stats every now and then. I just think that's cool too.

Who knows if there will be a LAN IN NAM the sequel, at this stage I just have no idea.

And then really lastly here are a few pictures I discovered on my phone, with no particular order and mission.

Em yeu Viet Nam! xxx tạm biệt ...

afternoons at ete

In my back yard, well more in Uncle Ho's back yard


  1. I'm sad that this blog is going to the end! I wish you best of luck in Jo’burg, Lanette, hope to see you again in the near future, muahhh

  2. Lani... this is a beautiful post. And YAY! and... Aww... and YAY!... and Aww. Such mixed emotions. I've loved reading about your experiences and look forward to learning more about your new life. Wishing you all the very best. x x

  3. What Dana said. Darn you cute ladies leaving Hanoi! I'm glad you're starting a new blog, though, so I can continue to web-spy on you. Love love!


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  5. Hi Lan, I'm a South African trying to go to Vietnam with my American girlfriend. I'm just having trouble finding a program that sends people from SA...they all seem to send Americans. Can you tell me who you used?

    1. Maybe you could email me at